I have not been able to sleep past eight since I moved into my new room. I am happy that I was able to sleep past 6:30 when all the construction starts up. It's pretty gross. Every year that I have gone to school in this town there has been a crater on campus that required special attention from the students in how we got around campus. This past year there was the building of the building for business and econ. classes, that is almost done, an expansion of a parking lot over on the West side of campus in with the dorms and the start of the new suite dorm. Soon they are going to be taking down two of the old dorms that have been converted into office buildings. I hope that soon I will be able to sleep until my alarm wakes me up.

Yesterday was my first day back to work at Boston Store for about a week. My feet are still tired from the four hours that had. Its going to be nice to get back into some pattern of living for the few months that I am here. 

It is pretty boring here in town compared to last year. Nothing has really changed expect that I only have one job and no classes to take. I need to find a new hobby to keep me constructive. 

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