cleaning day #1

Today is the first cleaning day that one of my roommates and I have unofficially scheduled. Tuesdays are usually my cleaning days and he just felt like he needed to join in on it. Usually I do my laundry, vacuum, take the garbage and recycling out,  and do some stuff in the bathroom.  But today is study day on campus so I have another person at home with me. So my regular schedule for cleaning needs to be changed  a little. 
It is so nice outside today that I really don't want to do anything. I just want to hangout outside and warm myself with the sun. It is so cruel to schedule constructive activities on such a fine day. I am surprised that my neighbors are not out sunning themselves in the front lawn. 
I have realized that I haven't done much of any crafting. Here is what I have planned to do this summer.
to make mittens
finish my started projects
make so awesome magnets
find different ways to use up all of my yarn
Hopefully I can find the time to do all of this.
Kara is ready to rock.

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