I have finished my undergrad career at UW-Whitewater, finally. All that I need to do now is finish making one of my transcriptions look pretty and send it in. Once that is done "Summer here I come!" Then I will be done taking scenic shots of Southwestern Wisconsin for a few years and takings shots of Red Wing, Minnesota. I am very excited to go to school there, but I just have a few things here that I need to get done so that way I can enroll in classes. Yikes! 
Today I am moving my first load of stuff that I've collected here back to Chippewa Falls. I hope that I can get a good deal of it packed up before I have to leave for work. I am very excited to be going home. I just hope that I won't be guilted to stay longer, because I have work on Sunday and will be coming back to Chippewa in less then a week. I hope that I get to have a Co. Captain on my three hour tour.If not it isn't a big deal I'll just be making many phone calls.

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  1. Congrats! I know you have worked so hard. Don't be a stranger. We must get together for some fun this summer. Perhaps a day trip to the twin cities to hit the art museum? I have never been there, and Mo say's it is incredible.

    I send best wishes and merriment to my favorite babe of the bass!