Lots to do.

Have you ever felt that you're life is a movie? Last night Noah and Corey came down to go to a concert. They didn't know where it was and were waiting for me and it turned out that it was a different band then what they thought it was. One of my roommates has taking a liking to Corey. They play video games all the time and complain about different moves that the other is doing. Noah has said that it is just like "Step Brothers". It is very cute, like watching two grown children play. 
Today is mother's day in the US. Since I am still far from home I will this year be celebrating with Noah and his family. They are going to be off to Hi Way Harrys. I feel really bad for not being able to get anything for my mother. I think when I get home this weekend I will get something nice for her.
Today marks the start of my hell week. I am going to be working over 23 hours at Boston Store and maybe five hours at Young Auditorium. On top of all those hours I am taking my last bit of finals and finishing up my Senior Thesis. Oh and did I mention moving out of my place? This week I need to be efficient in all that I do. 

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