I am all moved out of my place in Whitewater and living at my parents for the weekend. I now have the weekend to get my stuff together for my final move to back to Whitewater on Monday. I am going to be moving to a house that is next to campus. It seems like everyone at home is extremely confused about what I am going to be doing in Whitewater for the summer. All that they need to do is ask and I would tell them, but I hadn't gotten a simple question as to what my plans are. Then when one little bit comes up that I am moving back on Monday it is like a hell broke loose and I will be wasting my money keeping my job?
I've only been here a few hours and I am ready to go back to Whitewater. The button pushing has begun and I feel as though I am getting singled out for no reason. 
I want to be back in Watertown with Noah or hanging out with my friends from school. I just want to be happy and not stressed out by the people that I am around. And my family wonders why I don't come home more often. 

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