all better

I am now feeling much better. I guess I was just very tired and missing some vitamin C in my diet. I ended up eating two oranges and taking three vitamin Cs. That was all taken yesterday. Today I have already eaten one orange and just one vitamin. Hopefully that is all that I needed and a good nights rest. 
I just found out that one of the members of the bass section in orchestra with me is quarantined and is getting tests run on him. I am sure that everything will be alright. It just really sucks that it is so close to the end of the semester and he can not go to any of this classes. 

In orchestra this past week have been interviewing two different conductors. I feel that both of them are well qualified for the job, depending on the route the university is wanting the orchestra to go. If the university wants a more professional group they should go with the first candidate. They taught us more like pre-professional musicians. If they want more of a teaching group they should go with the second. They taught us like we were still in high school. Anyways that is how I feel about them. 

I feel that I am all done writing my paper. I am feeling really good about it too. All that I need to do now is get it proofed a few times and turn it in. I just need to finish up a few projects and get a few things paid up still. 

I am very excited.

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