Weather & Music Rant #4

Kara looking out of her favorite window
Today is going to be the warmest day, as of yet this year, in Whitewater. I will not be able to enjoy most of the weather due to work and the dreaded orchestra still today. I will try to keep this post positive. It might take a turn for the worst.

On Sunday we had our orchestra concert, which turned out to be the worst concert that I've ever been apart of. I think it was even worst then the one I was in during 5th grade when I was just learning to play. She cut two movements of Mendelssohn's "Italian" symphony leaving the first and fourth movements. Instead of giving the orchestra a prep for the downbeat of the 4th movement she just gave a downbeat. Over HALF of the orchestra missed it! It took all of us about two measures to get back together. It was ridiculous. The only piece that we sounded "good" in was "Star Wars" which was the least challenging piece that we played. Also it was the one that we spent the most time on. For every piece this was our first time running any of the pieces without stopping. That should not have been on the concert. We should have gotten at least one run through. When the concert finally ended she didn't get off stage! The audience clapped for her, then she took her time finding soloists, the audience stopped clapping then she pulled the full orchestra up for their applause. The poor audience. She STILL didn't get off stage! She then started giving flowers to people who have contributed to her pulling off the concert, not the 1st chair/section leaders. Once that happened she let the orchestra off the stage. All the while the audience was clapping or was confused about what was going on. I just hope that my last concert, the next one will be better. I hope that the concerto competition winners stand up to her about how their solos are played. Any who enough bashing the orchestra conductor. I just hope that she gets fired!

Today I was going to spend the day drinking (because it was Saint Patrick's Day, usually I am not like that), but since I am still sick I cannot. My joints in my legs are very tired, my back hurts, I have a headache and my sinuses are still full of snot. I found a rash in my elbow pit that hopefully isn't anything. I think it might be a sign tha
t I need to sleep more then I have been and
 take better care of myself. Thanks Saint Patrick for messing with my plans.

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  1. I hope you feel better soon and thank you for commenting on my blog!!