I have realized that I haven't created any new yarn projects. So I made something that I was hoping to make for a while. I made a hat without a top, pretty much one of those old headband things from back in the 90's. Anyways I was interested in making one ever since I saw someone from the musical "Hairspray" wearing one while they were warming up during the daytime. 
Me wearing my latest creation.
I created this one with three different types of yarn two blues, one solid and the other with silver,  and one brown, that I thought to be black. I crocheted this with a double stitch and in a few places single stitch. I do not remember what size ho
ok I used, it is larger then a J. I just checked and it is a N sized hook. much larger then a J. I think I will have to make another one that is more browns and earth tones then this first one. 

Here are some of the pictures of it. 

This is the flat view of it show how I connected the ends. 
Another flat view of the top.

Me wearing it again.

It standing up for a better view of how it is put together.

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