Yesterday I did something that I know that I shouldn't have. I pretty much yelled at my friends for me being stressed about the project that I just finished. In Delta Omicron we usher the recitals on campus. We were told that no one was signed up to usher and no one had replied to the email that was sent out. I then thought that I was the only one that could usher. So, I said that I could do it. Little did I know how much more work I needed to do on my project. Then I sent out a pretty mean email to Delta Omicron saying that I can't keep putting DO before my class work. I do feel that that is what I had been doing for the past few years. 
I hope that I didn't hurt any feelings too badly. I just hope that I made my point. 


  1. There is nothing wrong with not being a doormat. Sometimes--you gotta tell it like it is!! :) I hope things have simmered down and your feeling better.

    Much Joy~*

  2. There is no shame in exploding from time to time. You are human- humans do things...like emote. If you feel that you said anything uncalled for due to stress, mend the wounds. If you feel that you have not-kudos for not being a doormat.

    Take care. Hope our paths cross soon!