Spring Cleaning

Today feels like the best day ever. I took the plastic down from the windows in the living room. I've taken the tape off the outside door in my bedroom. The windows are open and the backdoor is open. I have always hated Spring cleaning, but this season is different. I have used my cleaning this year to be doing something by myself. It has become me time. I can't wait to take the plastic off my bedroom window, but since I have no heat in my bedroom I think that I can afford to keep some plastic for a little while longer.

Kara and Copper in the first few days that they have been together. 

Now I have two kitties that seem to be fighting over who gets the better seat by the screen door in my bedroom. I am happy that the cats are getting along better. This gives be hope that Kara will be able to live with other cats in the future. Eventually I want to get another cat to live with Kara and I, but not until I get settled down after Red Wing. 

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