I Don't Wanna Move!

I don't want to move. 
I don't want to leave the area. 
I am comfortable here. 
I've moved too much in my life already.
I don't want to leave those who are here and dear to my life. 

I want to stay right where I am. 
I want to continue down the path that I've chosen, maybe it is the right one.
I know I need to move out of Whitewater to a better city.
I want to keep all of my friend that I have now.

When I finished dropping off my boyfriend at his house I was instantly in tears, because I missed him. That was about an hour ago and I am still weepy about it. I am going to miss him so much. I still have a few months until I have to move out of where I am now and I have NO IDEA where I am going to move. That scares me so much. I am planning on moving to Red Wing, MN in the fall for school, but the summer, who knows. I really do not want to have to move back to my parents and I've asked my boyfriend if I could move in with him for the summer. He said that might not be a good idea. He did say that extended stays would be welcomed. I totally understand, because he is going to be starting up a business and has a lot of repairs to do at his house. I am sure that I could find someplace to stay for a few months. 

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