If I sang a Rage Aria in an opera it would be about today.

Today was one frustration followed by another. It started out pretty petty then it snowballed into major things. Pretty much I need to curl up and go to bed, let the day be done. Tomorrow is a new day with new challenges, best to be well rested up for them.
It all started out with me wanting to watch The History Channel on the Hippies in California in the 60's, and drink my 8 cups of coffee. I didn't want to have to deal with anyone except for the television. I know silly, but in the morning I am waking up and need time by myself in order to function for the day. 
I found out today that checks can be cleared well after business hours. On my online banking I saw that one of my checks that I wrote for my rent got cleared at 11 something PM. How can banks allow this? They aren't even open then. 
Then after my morning class I got to listen to banter on different views on drinking in The Bible. If it was a sin or not or it was if it was customary to serve the good wine first and save the worst for last. I don't know. I just know that it was bothering me, and I wasn't able to take notes on my research. 
After that, I went into work on campus for a full half hour. Great. There was nothing for me to do. My boss didn't have anything for me and wasn't there either. The event that I was on the schedule to set up for was cancelled. that would have been great know about. 
On my way up to orchestra after getting my instrument from the basement. I cracked it on the doorframe of the room that it is kept in. Good thing it is a surface crack so I don't need to worry about it unless it starts to travel. Which is good because I have very little funds. 
Orchestra was a big waste of time for my section to attend today. I think that we should have just run through the concerto and then said have a nice day. Work on it and we'll get into it next time. That would have been a better way to spend our time. 
After Orchestra I drove to Planned Parenthood in Delavan. Only to get there seventeen minutes after they stopped taking walk-ins. It wouldn't have been a big deal if I didn't have to drive 30 minutes in a downpour while driving 55+ MPH in gusty winds with the sun in my eyes. I was ready to reach over the counter and slap her for telling me that. Also it wouldn't have been an issue if I had the money to throw around for gas, or food because it was just about 6:30. 
I came home tonight hoping that the dishwasher was emptied. NOPE. I was wrong that one of the four roommates would think to do some house work other then make sure that that the couch doesn't collect dust. Thanks a lot guys.

Ok enough of being upset. I'm getting my boyfriend tomorrow so that will make me happy.  I really enjoy being around him. Except when he makes me cranky. Otherwise most if not all of my problems/issues go away for the day or so that he is around. 

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