Earth Hour

Right now people in the Midwest in the middle of Earth Hour. My roommates and I have the lights all turned off and are sitting in the living room reading and blogging by candle light. It was pretty cool that all that I needed to do was just mention to them that it was going to be starting in five minutes and they were like okay cool lets do it. I had forgotten when it was and then I received a text message from my boyfriend's sister saying that it was in five minutes.
The message
 This is really cool to be a part of something that is global in an area as small as Whitewater, WI. How many people can say that they were a part of a vote on Global Warming that was going on in Europe while I am getting ready for classes on Monday? I just wish that more people in my area knew about it in town. 

One of my roommates reading by candlelight 

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