What was Left Undone

So far my new year is bringing me time to finish up the projects that I started and almost finished last year.

I have FINALLY completed the Chicken Toaster Cozy. I've been talking about it for so long and here are some pictures of the finished results. I am very excited about giving this to my boyfriend. It was what he wanted for Christmas this past year. I felt really bad about not having his finished and having my sisters' boyfriends' presents finished before I start his. Especially since he
made me an opal necklace.

This week I am going to finish my
brother's glittens that way he'll have his Christmas present also, only a few weeks late. I'm using the same pattern as before only with three colors. I think that I'll be out of the red by the start of the second glitten, hopefully I have some more in my dead lady yarn collection.
I also have my bunny that is missing an ear and tail. I was so close to finishing him before the year was out. I have to find the pattern and hook for him again. Maybe I'll donate him to a good home once I have him completed. I'm sure that there is a little kid out there some where that wouldn't mind having a handmade stuffed bunny.

It looks like I have my hands full for a while. I should be busy for the rest of the week with these two projects of mine. Then to start up my mother's projects for me.

~happy knitting!

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