I'm back!

I've been gone for a while, but fear not I haven't forgotten you. I have just been busy with different projects. First of all I got my hair cut. I got over ten inches taken off on Tuesday. I went to Spring Street Studio Salon in Chippewa Falls. This is the first time that I got that much taken off. I just mailed off my hair to Beautiful Lengths. It is an organization that is located in Wisconsin. I sent my hair there since it is more local then Locks of Love(Florida).

I have also been busy crocheting and knitting scarves/neck warmers. I have two
of them done for my new neck. I have my nice multi colored one that I crocheted with four different yarns. I did a broom stick stitch from a free pattern that I found on Ravelry. (The link goes to the page outside of Ravelry) I slightly modified it to only have three clusters compared to the 40 that it calls for.
The neck warmer that I just finished knitting needs to have the buttons
attached to it still. I also found the pattern on Ravelry. It is my Fear of Commitment Cowl.
I also made a few changes to it. I made it a little shorter then the pattern calls for. I
just need to get a nice big button to wear it.

I went wedding dress shopping for my older sister with my mother,
sisters and the maid of honor. I think my older sister found the dress, but she wasn't going to make a decision and buy until the end of the month. We did however found a possible bridesmaids dress. That I got to model! She is thinking something like this only a dark green/deep fern.

I also have been on a slipper making kick.
I made two pairs now.
The one previously crocheted and these.
It is the same pattern that I used before, only with two yarns for the body of the slipper compared to the one yarn in the first pair. I also made them smaller then what the pattern calls for. Sorry for the crudy picture, taking pictures of feet with iphoto is pretty hard.

I still need to finish my brother's glittens. I'm not quite feeling the crochet hook. They are at the same point that they were at around Christmas. I'm thinking next week will be the week of glittens.

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