No phone, I just want to be alone today

Does it make me a bad person to not call someone, because I know there will be long periods of silence?

I don't mind the long silences if I was up and doing something, but they mostly happen when I am woken up by a phone call, so there is nothing else to do.

Anyways, on to a project that I have wanted to make for the longest time. I want to crochet a hat (big deal) it will have two eyes on the top and along the bottom of the hat there will be teeth. That way it will look like that hat (evil monster) is eating the head of the wearer. Now that I think about it a Zombie monster hat would be much cooler then a regular monster. I hope that I can make it with the different techniques that I have learned over the past few months. Otherwise It will just have to wait until I can do it.

~Happy knitting!

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