Hello Dear friend

If you love something set it free if it comes back its yours if not it never was - Richard Bach according to WikiAnswers
That is how I feel about my bass playing. I haven't even touched it since I graduated in May. Today I felt something that I have not felt in a long time. Like I was missing a friend. Someone that has been in my life for almost half of my life (almost 12 years). The last year of college really did a number on my love for music making. I felt like the orchestra professor had a low image of what the orchestra could do and the whole orchestra went up to just that level.
I am very happy that I finally came back to bass playing for my own enjoyment. Not because I am forced to play, but because I missed it. A few excuses that I have been giving myself as to why I wasn't playing was my arm and I didn't want it to be in pain and I didn't have a stool to sit on.
I hope that I can keep up with my bass playing for the rest of my life. But things change and goals in life take over different parts of life.

On to the knitting/crocheting part of my life...
I haven't done much of any of that. I am slowly getting my other hand/arm warmer completed. I don't even know if I'll wear them. If they both turn out to be nice I can always sell them at Esty.com and maybe start making more items to sell. That is one of my goals in life.
Be able to support myself by knitting and crocheting (or at least be able to quit one of my jobs)

Anywho, make to music making and crocheting.
~happy knitting!

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