Spring Time, Fun Time!

Spring is Here! All this week it has been very nice and unseasonably warm out (expect for yesterday). Today it looks very nice out maybe a little chili. Either way, it looks beautiful outside! We were supposed to get some snow the other day, thank god we didn't! It would have been such a Debby Downer if we did. My friends in the Southern part of the state have winter all over again. I guess I moved North at the right time?

The past few days I've been working on defeating my arch enemy, the stocking hat. I know it is a silly thing to fear making, but all of them that I've made have not turned out how I like. This one I'm not all that sure if it going how I want it too. It might be too small for my head, like all of my new hats that I've made. It is turning into another little kids hat. If any of you readers know of a child that needs a hat for this coming winter that also likes the color yellow, I have a FREE HAT for them! I think I might put a puff ball on top of the hat once I am finished with it. The pattern that I am using is for Bella's hat from the movie Twilight. I haven't seen any of the movies and plan to keep it that way. But I love the different knit and crocheted items that the characters wear in the different movies.

In less then a week I am going to start my annual monthly trip down to see the boyfriend. I am very excited to see him again. It has been a little over a month since I saw him. and almost two months since I've been down to see his family and my friends down there. I'm excited it is also my first long trip with my new car, I hope that it makes it both ways without issues.

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