A little warmth?

I have given up on making myself a hat, for now. This is how far I got on my hat. I have also lost the pattern for it, so I'm not exactly sure how I am going to finish it off for a little little kids hat. On my facebook wall I have been "asked" to make a few hats for one of my friends. I did tell her that I have been having issues with my own hats. So I'm not exactly sure if I was given a job or what.

I am working on a new project and it is supposed to take only 48 hours. I am crocheting an afghan! I'm actually following a pattern that I bought for this one. I am hoping to use up as much of my stash of yarn on this project as I can. It would be really cool if this afghan does take 48 hours to complete. I've been working on it for about half a day now, ish.

I have a completely different project in the works that I will talk about in later posts. Lets just leave it with Vroom!

Here are some pictures of the present that I made for my little sister. Again I forgot where I got the pattern from, I did find it on Raverly but that is a giant database of knitting and crochet patterns. The seaweed part of the roll was I think that hardest part of creating this toy. I'm not even sure if she likes it.  My future brother in law said that he was jealous that his handle covers didn't transform into anything.

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