So Many hats!

For the past year (or so) I've been trying to make myself a hat that fits my head.  All of them that I've made have turned out to be way too small.  Here are a few pictures of the hats that I've made. I've been thinking about the different ways that I can give them away. The authors of the patterns won't let me sell them. So I'm pretty much stuck with them. I have someone in mind for the yellow hat. I'm thinking about adding a puff ball on the top of it. Sooner or latter I will have them gone to little kids that will (maybe) wear them.

 I'm now on to hat number three. I really hope that this one fits my head. My next one is going to be white and also crocheted like the other two. So far my new hat looks really cool. It is a very different style from what I'm used to. Eventually I will get a hat the fits my noggen. The hat has been my arch enemy for the year. I'm  hoping to defeat it by the time May rolls around.

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