Days off

I heart days off. I was somewhat productive today too. I managed to clean my pigsty of a bedroom, do my brother's and mine's laundry, bake cookies, and vacuum the basement. Days off are even better now that it is starting to get nice outside. Soon I'll be able to hang my laundry outside to dry and have my windows open all day long.
Tomorrow is going to be an almost day off. I need to transplant my mom's ivy plant that I got her for Christmas into a larger pot, call the vet about getting Kara a hair cut this month, and wash my car? I also get to work from 515 to 915ish. I hope that work isn't too busy, that way I can get home at a decent time.
Next week for my day off I am going to make scotcharoos/special k bars. I remember really liking them a lot. The cookies that I made this week are Spice Cookies. They are one of my favorite cookies that I've had. Maybe I'll just have a baking day sometime next week.

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