I need to figure out how to make my days feel like one day not three. It already feels like it is going to be Wednesday tomorrow. Tomorrow is just Monday.  I feel like I've been up for three days without rest. I really haven't done much other then work. I think it is because I don't do anything but work that my days are running together. Last week was a long week. I just hope that this week doesn't go on forever also.

Yesterday I asked my friend from work who had her baby last December if I could buy her boy an outfit, in hopes of getting over my itch of needing to buy kid/baby clothes. I got the cutest little dinosaur outfit. I hope that he can fit into it now. I think that I'll crochet a dinosaur to go along with it too. Otherwise it wouldn't be a complete gift. I have a ton of yarn to use up still. I'm thinking my ball of blue would work for it. It is my leftovers of my pound skein that I bought about nine years ago. Anyways pictures will come soon. I just need to find a pattern to follow for it. I'm very excited!

I think on Tuesday, I am going to give my green thumb a test run. One of my mother's plants is going to get broken up into two plants. I am going to take one of my spider plants out of it pot and plant it somewhere? Maybe start growing some cucumbers? Who knows where the dirt will take me. I think that it is the changing season that is making me want to go and garden. I kind of like it. I'm just worried that I will kill all of it.

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