Where is the daylight?

I don't remember where I took this from. It is from the bottom of Donatello's Bronze "David."
This is how I feel days.

Where are these long days coming from? I would have thought that by taking 12 credits I would have short days on campus and would be able to be at home more. Boy was I wrong. Today started at 6am with my alarm followed by 8am class with 930 work until 230pm. Lunch. 3:45 rolled around then it was time for orchestra until 525pm. Dinner. 700 usher recital until ? 900 Delta Omicron meeting until ? followed by reading for tomorrows class and finally bed.

Don't get me wrong I do enjoy being busy but I woudl like to be able to get to my class work before 10pmish. More then likly I'll get to it around 11om.

Tomorrow is going to be a little better because I start with a 215 class that ends at 330 then work from 445pm until 10pm. Sounds like fun.

Happy busy days.

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  1. Bridget, I love the picture of the bridge over water with the reflection of the buildings... that is the photo I told your mom to have enlarged and framed for you. It would be a nice bithday or Christmas gift.