Last minute crisis?

This week I've been playing catchup with a project that I should have completed over winter break. I now have three days to complete my second transcription for my internship from the summer. This past summer a few of my colleagues and myself traveled to the Twin Cities to interview members of the Marine Raiders at one of their reunions. It was a great time, I got to hear some amazing stories from the men that served in the Raiders.

The one interview that I just finished transcribing the Raider was in from Chippewa Falls. I knew about all the locations that he mentioned in his beginning/youth life. It was pretty darn cool to know exactly where he was talking about when he was talking about where his cemetery plot is and the farm that his grandparents built. When we were done interviewing him, at the ending dinner, I got to chat with him and his daughter and his grandchildren. It was just so amazing that I was able to get to connect on that level.

I just hope that I can complete my second interview by the 1st of March. I know I am totally pressing my luck by waiting to the last minute. But that is just what I do. I'm a last minute type of gal. 

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  1. Hi Bridget,
    I stumbled across your post today and just had to respond. You may not recall, but we met at the Raider reunion last summer. The Raider from Chippewa Falls whom you interviewed is my father, Ralph H. Burlingham. The members of the U.S. Marine Raider Association are grateful to you, the professor and your colleagues for taking the time to perform such a great service. You can all claim justifiable pride in helping to preserve such an important part of our nation’s history. As my family’s historian, I’d like a copy of your interview transcription and/or video for the family history archives. As the assistant historian for the USMRA, I’d very much appreciate copies of the transcripts and/or videos for inclusion in the association’s archives. Please let me know if I can provide any assistance with the Raider history project.

    By the way, I love the picture of Florence. It’s one of my favorite cities in Europe. Good luck with school and your future.