Research Proposal version 1.0

This is what I have so far for my research proposal for my history seminar class as of yet. I hope to get the rest of it up on here eventually. 

Children playing with toys supplied to them by the WPA Toy Loan Center


I intend to study how the New Deal affected families in Wisconsin during 1933 to 1941. I plan on doing this by concentrating on the Works Projects Administration (WPA) in Milwaukee. 

Research Question:

The question that is making me interested in this topic is, how did the Works Projects Administration effect families in Milwaukee with the toy loan centers that were created for the children that had parents in WPA programs. What I want to find out about this project is what type of programs the children's' parents were in, and how other families were effected by the toy loan program. The types of answers that I am trying to search for are that the families that were able to participate in the program were able to provide for their families better then those without the program. 

Historical Context:

At the same time this was going on President Roosevelt was creating more public programs to help get the country out of the Depression. Also at this time there is military buildups around the world in Europe and Asia. 

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