String Bass Story #1

From the eleven years that I've played the string bass I have collected a few stories of string basses falling, breaking, and travel tips. 
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This story is going to be about how I started playing the bass, and the reasoning behind it.  

When I was in fifth grade the orchestra teacher in the school district came to my school to see if anyone was interested in learning how to play any of the instruments. Later that day when I was at home, I told my parents that I wanted to play the viola. Later that week we went to the music store in Eau Claire to get my instrument. Up until talking to the man behind the counter I thought I was getting a viola. 
My mother said the dreaded phrase, "Do you have any violins?" 
I was heart broken. I gave her one last plea, "But I want to play the viola." 
Her response was just "I should have asked about the bass."
I stuck with the violin until a month into sixth grade when the new orchestra teacher was asking if anyone wanted to learn the string bass. Suddenly, I knew what I needed to do. I raised my hand signifying that I was willing to learn. That was the day that I got back at my mother for not letting me play the viola. 
I continued to play the string bass through middle school, high school, and college. 

Happy Playing.

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