Research Proposal 2.0

I intend to study how the New Deal affected families in Wisconsin during 1933 to 1941. I plan on doing this by concentrating on the Works Projects Administration (WPA) in Milwaukee.

Research Question:
The question that is making me interested in this topic is, how did the Works Projects Administration effect families in Milwaukee with the toy loan centers that were created for the children that had parents in WPA programs. What I want to find out about this project is what type of programs the children's' parents were in, and how other families were effected by the toy loan program. The types of answers that I am trying to search for are that the families that were able to participate in the program were able to provide for their families better then those without the program.

Historical Context:
At the same time this was going on President Roosevelt was creating more public programs to help get the country out of the Depression. Also at this time there is military buildups around the world in Europe and Asia.
Historiographical Context:
Historians have not written much on this topic, but what they have written is that the children needed something to help them be children during the hard times of The Depression.

Annotated Bibliography of Secondary Sources:
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Annotated Bibliography of Primary Sources:
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  1. Hi Bridget - I love your website - and I'm very interesting in the Toy Loan History because I also have a project about the WPA titled "You Art What You Eat - I will be working with schools, Boys and Girls Clubs and one of my Volunteer organizations in the Boston and surrounding region - the students and kids will create artwork (murals especially) with allegorical images creating from fruits, veggies and grains - these images will then be created, with help from local Culinary schools, into recipes that the kids will cook and tape for utube - the kids project will incorporate the WPA Arts Project, history of food, local, national and world events happening in the same era etc - I'm an arts and culture researcher and have gathered information over the past two years - I would very much like to refer to your research and collection with your permission - my goal is to bring arts and culture back into our school systems and to find, restore, and document the many WPA Art murals and public projects like buildings, parks, and structures that are still in standing - I hope to encourage the students and teachers etc. to have the kids find these Americana jewels and then raise funds for their restoration and documentation - my husband is a well known sports artist who also has restored WPA Art that was in his high school in Marblehead, MA - I will be creating a website and would very much like to link to yours - Look forward to hearing from you - ck out our website at gilbertart.com - it's woefully outdated but will be updating soon - I'll have a separate site for You Art What You Eat project Linda Jones