Some Projects

I just finished knitting a hat for one of my friends from Eau Claire. She wanted it in house colors from Harry Potter. She gave me a piece of blue embroidery floss to match the blue with and then said really any grey/silver would work. The blue is Lions brand Denim and the grey is also from Lions brand Sliver Heather. It actually didn't take me too long to knit it up. I just couldn't find my sewing needle to finish it off.
I'm also working on crocheting a scarf for her sister in yellow and blue. With the scarf I'm doing stripes of two lines blue and two yellow in a single stitch. I hope to have it done soon so that way I can mail it up to them before it gets too cold. I'm not all that sure that it'll be in time, since they have snow up there. I think I have about two feet done and I want it to be twice the length. I'm also going to add fringe to it with a mix of the colors.

I also have been knitting some dish cloths for Christmas again. But this time my sister is getting them. She has been complaining that she doesn't have any and that I never make her any. So that is what she is getting along with some bar towels. So far I have two completed and I'm going to give her as many as I can until I have to give her the gift.

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