Day after Thanksgiving

I gave my friends their gifts last night. They were both very happy with their nice warm winter apparel. Especially since they went out to me to get them.I just hope that they get good use out of them. I was worried that the hat was going to be too large and the scarf too small. But they looked like they fit.

Today I get to work a nice closing shift for Black Friday. One of these years I wouldn't mind going out and seeing the craziness for myself. I'm going to be 1pm to 1015pm. It'll be nice, most of the costumers will be gone for the day. I'll just have one hour, maybe, of Door Busters left, then it'll be regular sale prices. Pretty much my shift is the recovery shift to get it ready for tomorrow's sale. That I think I'm opening for?

Any who, time to keep getting ready for work.

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