The scarf is now completed. It is about five feet long. When it is halved it is the right length for me to wear. I really like how it turned out. I wish that I was keeping it to add to my collection of scarves. This scarf is going to be going to Eau Claire also. I just need to box it up and wrap it.

Today I am going to be wrapping a bunch of my Christmas presents. That way I can keep ahead of the curve. I have a few birthday presents that I need to wrap to give this week also.

One of my roommates is turning 18 on Thanksgiving. Since I really don't know him all that well I'm getting him a bag of candy. My boyfriend is also having his birthday this coming weekend. I'm just getting him some candy and underwear. I'm done giving fun things for presents. I'm going to be giving practical items from here on out for people in their 20's on up.

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