It has been a while since I talked about my plants and their progress. They have gotten quite large over the past few days. I am really thankful for the rain that we got these past two weeks and the sun that we now have. With this lovely combination my plants have really taken off.  These are my most recent pictures of my plants and they don't do nearly enough justice. My plants are now pretty large. I'm guessing soon my squash will be big enough to start training to grow on the trellis. 

I have been having issues with one very unwelcome visitor. I have a rabbit that is eating everything! Most of my cucumbers have the tops bitten off. My broccoli is slowly being murdered by this pest. I just want it to go away and die. All off the tiny leaves on my asparagus are ripped off from the plant. This little guy is very nasty.

My daisy field that I have transplanted from my current garden to over by the house, has taken off like a rocket. They are almost all now blooming. Because of how tall they all are most of them now have fallen over. I think its funny. 

It really would have been nice to get some current photographs of my plants. Because now I have added a few of my pepper plants in with the vegetables.  I'm hoping that now that they are in the ground they will grow nicely also. I still have two different pots going with more pepper plants in them. According to my boyfriend if I keep some in their pots and bring them in when it starts to get cold out, I could keep them alive for years. That might be interesting to try.  

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