These past few days have been kind of stressful ones for me. I am working on applying for a job in the Beaver Dam area. I am still without my car, it has been over two weeks now (I'm very angry about this). With these two quasi stressful events (not quite) in my life I am still trying to keep a level head and not lose my temper and keep knitting.

I think I have my resume completed. It has gone through some changes since the last time I did anything about it. I really hope that I get the job. It would be down by were my boyfriend lives. He asked me last week "When are you transferring?" I had to good response to the question other then "I don't know." It would be nice to get the job and move out of my parents' house. I Want To Be an Adult! I'm going to wait until after lunch to submit it.

Two weeks ago my car had an issue about losing coolant. I was five to ten miles away from home when the over heating light came on. That was the last time I saw my car. Last week we finally had them call saying what they think might be the problem. They really didn't look at the car until it had been sitting in their garage for a week. It has now been another week and we were told that one of the heads is fried and they want to smooth the cylinders, just because they got them out pretty much. That call was pretty much one week ago. I think that I could be this far, or farther along with a stick and a piece of gum.

Right now I am knitting a pair of handwarmers for one of my co-workers as a graduation present. There really isn't much to see so far. I have one that I finished knitting and I'm working on the other. I'm hoping that by the end of the week I'll have them both off the needles and buttons/notations picked out for them.

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