plant up date along with yarn

Well most of my beans have died off, thanks to the wind and 40 degree temps over night for their first week outside. That is alright that a bunch of them died, natural selection. A few of my squashes have died also, but the ones that lived are the hearty ones. With a few of them dyeing, I was able to have room for my cucumbers to be planted. There are a few that made their way up. I was told that onions like cold weather, so I planted some when it was still kind of chilly out. I guess old seeds don't like cold weather.  I planted some tomatoes, (cherry and regular) broccoli, cauliflower, and asparagus. I am very excited for all of my vegetables to finally be ready for harvesting.

I Finally finished my tie. I gave it to my boyfriend this past week. He loves it. I am happy that I finally finished it. It took way too long for something that simple.

I just learned how to cable. I am now working on a cable knit scarf. It is going to be a bunch of different colors. But right now it is just blue. I was surprised by how easy it is to cable. I think the title of the pattern that I am using is called simple cable scarf. I hope to power through it and have some nice fun colors in it.

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