New Life! (in my bedroom??)

My babies are growing fast, don't worry I'm talking about my vegetables. This past weekend they really took off and I missed it. A little more then a week ago I planted my beans and squash. When I left for the weekend they were just starting to poke out of the peat. When I got back on Monday I was greeted with this. They are now about a foot tall and still in my bedroom. It has been getting really chilly at night, so I'm worried about planting them out in my garden just yet. But I don't want them as roommates anymore. I'm hoping that this weekend I can move them outside.

Another little miracle of life is taking place in my bedroom, still no worries. My Peppers are starting up too. They have been in dirt much longer then the beans and squash, but they are much smaller in size, just a few inches if that. I am very excited for all the different colors that I am going to get from these little guys. I'm going to be getting red, green, purple, and white peppers. Yeah, I totally didn't know that there are white peppers. I hope that they are tasty. These guys get to stay in my room for two months I believe then they are going to be kicked out too.

Tonight I bought a trellis for my kids to grow on. I just need to get it into the ground before the beans and squash. I think tomorrow will be the day for that. I also bought some tomato plants. I need to pick the best one for a gift that will be "hanging" out in my garden also. These guys will be in my room also for a few days.

My room has gone from bedroom sleeping with few plants to greenhouse with a bed in a weeks time! I really need to reclaim my space from my plants. It is nice to have all this green around me, but they can have their own room, outside!

This last half of the week is going to be a very busy one for me. I have my beans and squash that are moving out. I need to plant my onions. My trellis is going to be installed. I am very excited for all my fresh veggies. I hope that I don't kill them once they get outside.

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