plants, string, and stuff

I think my beans are dead. Last week when I planted them outside it got very windy and almost all of my beans snapped in half. So I have to start over again with them. Hopefully I can still have some sort of bean this summer. Pretty much from what I found. Mother's day was not a good day for planting. I should have waited for this week. It hasn't been windy and it is nice warm weather.

I for to plant my cucumbers. I just sowed some seeds. I hope that thy take root and grow nicely on the trellis. I'm going to replant my beans (that I just found out were bush beans, not pole beans) in a different location.

I am almost done with the tie. I just have a few more inches left of it to go. I am very excited. I has been way too long since I've completed a project for someone. I will make sure to put up a picture of the completed tie, when it happens. This is the last picture of it that I took about a month or so ago.

I started knitting dishcloths again. This it the most resent one that I finished. It is going to my boyfriend with the tie. It says "Your Mom" in the middle. I was so excited when I found it, that I dropped what I was doing and made it. I think it would be easier to read if I used a solid color yarn.

Once I get the tie completed I'm going to ship off the dishcloth and tie, along with a few other items to the boyfriend. I hope that he likes them. I'm sure that he'll appreciate all of them.

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  1. beans don't like cold weather
    we used to not plant until after Memorial Day to avoid any frosts
    plus yours was acclimated to a warm house before you brought outside
    good luck
    Uncle Dan