Earth Day!

Today is the 40th Earth Day. I went with my mother to Menards to get coco bean mulch for her gardens. For the past few weeks I've been planning on taking over one of her many gardens and planting vegetables. Today she gave me the okay to take over the big one in the backyard. While we were at Menards I bought my seeds and plant starter.  I am very excited to be able to start all of these little guys up. I have my peppers going in the plant starter right now, but they need to be in there for two months. I'll have to wait for tasty multi color peppers. 
Tomorrow when I am finished with work I am going to sow the rest of them. I have Chives, Squash, Beans, and Gourds my mother thinks that it would be cool to grow the gourds to make bird houses out of. I need to get some fence for the beans to grow on eventually, and maybe keep pests out.

I can't wait for fresh vegetables!

I started up again a little bit on my tie. I am at 20" out of 27" needed to be halfway completed. I really need to get cracking on it. I have a week to have it finished. I'm pretty sure I'll have it complete by Wednesday when I leave.

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  1. Good luck gardening! You are making me wish I had a yard!

    So far the only luck I have had with plants is raising hens and chicks. They don't need much water and the cats don't like to eat them. :)