My new projects

This is the scarf that I just finished this afternoon. I run out of one of the yarns that I was using then added the purple that I used in the fringe. I think that I will be giving this one away to my boyfriend's sister as part of her graduation present. What I did to create this scarf was after chaining however long I wanted it to be I then did three double stitches into one of the chain stitches then chained three and repeat. I then did this until it was to a length that I wanted it to be. Then I finished it off with fringe of both colors that I used in the body of the scarf.

I am now working on finishing a hat that I've been "working" on since November. If it were for me I would be very close to finished. I think that I have to do about ten more rounds then it will be long enough to cover his ears. 
This is how it looks on me and his head is larger then mine. 
Hopefully I can get this done before I move out of Whitewater next month. 
Today will be a good day to get all of this done. I have nothing major planned to do. Just sit around and crochet, maybe watch a little television and eat some. 

I also have another project that I've put on hold until I find my crochet hook that I was using earlier with it. I've been trying to make a bunch of granny squares to put together into a blanket. 
When I moved back to Whitewater I lost it in transit. So, now I
 have just two squares done out of the 50 or so that I will need to finish it. But anyways here is what they look like now. This pattern is not the traditional granny square that I think of when I think of granny squares, but it works. I am going to be making squares of different sizes to put together as a puzzle of sorts. I think it would be really cool. And this way I will be using most of the yarn that I have. Which is goal number two for the summer, use as much of yarn as I can without buying anything new.

Time to get back to crocheting to finish these projects.

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