Today has been a very productive day. I went all around campus turning in forms and collecting information and requesting more. First I turned in the text books of the guy that I am renting his room from. Then I went over to the Registrar's Office to ask about enrollment verification. Then I saw that I go through them to have your transcript sent to different places. After that I went over to the Library to print off different forms and order my transcript to be sent over to Red Wing
Then I went to Student Financial Services to turn in my request for my $100 enrollment deposit. Then I had to run back over to Goodhue Hall to turn in my housing deposit of $125 back. Once I got back from requesting all of this money I went to the Post Office to pay my rent and buy cleaning supplies. 
Now I just need to figure out what is going on with my old health insurance and their claim that they are trying to file. They gave me a number that is no longer in service. How the heck to do expect people to get in contact with them to send them the information that they request?

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