granny squares galore!

I believe that I am done with the hat. I am going to take it to him tonight to see how it works on him. I really hope that I am done with it. 
I've been doing granny squares like a crazy women. Yesterday I did two of them one a 3D flower and the other a palm tree. Now I am working on a 2D flower. I just need to finish them all off  by tucking in the yarn. Soon I will be connecting my squares together to create my blanket and first major crocheted project that I've ever done. 
If anyone is interested in the patterns for either of these two squares I can send you the link that I found to them. I am unable to publish the pattern for the flower square, so just to keep it simple I will give you the link if requested.

1 comment:

  1. Those are adorable! The palm tree is SUPER cute. I'm loving the aqua edges.

    Happy Knitting!