gripes about life

Who ever is the lucky man that gets me for the rest of their life is in for a handful. I have come to realize and I'm very close to excepting that I will be an unbalanced woman with crazy hormones that will throw me on an emotional roller coaster for a few days. The way I see it, the only remedy for this, if some one is around when this goes on is just a big hug, or if no one is around just take a nap. One way that this could be solved completely is medication. Put me back on The Pill and some of this craziness will be avoided. Saving me some embarrassment and grief to all around. Right now I am certain that Noah thinks that I am crazy for how I was yesterday. He hates it when I cry for no good reason, or when it is a stupid reason and I don't tell him why. He really puts up with a lot of what I put him through very well. I don't appreciate him enough. 

Another thing that have been slowly eating away at me is Red Wing. I am supposed to be going to school there this next fall, but I have no idea what else I need to do to be able to register for classes. I am fairly certain that I need to do something more. But I am not sure as to what it is. There is one lady that I have been dealing with that has been no help at all. There is this one guy that is a teacher there that recommended another lady in Admissions, I am being hopeful that she will be the one that knows what else I need to do. I also have not heard from their Financial Aid office. So I am guessing that all is going well with that department. If I don't know what else I need to do by mid July, I am not going to be going to school in the Fall. I will need to quickly find a place to live for the year.

Speaking about places to live. I thought that I had picked a good place to live for the summer. I come downstairs to eat a piece of cake to find a notice that if the electric bill isn't paid up by the 8th that it is getting disconnected. I am living in a house that housed idiots! This is great. I thought that they were paid up when I moved in. Their bill is well over $1,000 there is no way that I will pay any of this bill, because it is for this past month. With a bill that large, they must not have paid it once during the school year. 

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