Family Time Fun Time?

I went back to my parents this past weekend to visit and check out Red Wing, MN. I got to send some time with my sisters, parents and grandmother. It was a nice little weekend vacation with little fighting compared to previous visits home. 

Here are some pictures 
from our little road trip to Red Wing, MN with my sisters. 

We started out in Eau Claire.  This is our route that
the GPS took us on.  We went through the bluffs. It was a very beautiful 
drive through a bunch of farmland and rolling hills.
While we were driving Courtney introduced us to a new game "My Cows" When you see a group of cows you have to yell out "My cows!" before the 
people that you are playing it with. And whenever you go by a cemetery you have to yell out "Your cows!" saying that all of your cows have died and you start over with zero cows. The idea 
of the game is to have to most cows by the end of your trip. You are not able to re-claim cows or cemeteries on return trips. 

an hour and a half we finally made it to Red Wing, MN. We drove around a little bit and found out that it is a long city that isn't very wide. It is a nice little touristy city during the summertime. There is one shop there that is called "Uffda." It is a Scandinavian shop that has different gifts that have Norwegian and Swedish influences. There was also this one shop that had a bunch of different "stuff"
 (to put it nicely) They had tomato, dirt, and holy water smelling perfumes. There was also a bookshelf full of different salt and pepper shakers! 

Overall, the trip to Red Wing was fun and enjoyable. I have some ideas of places to apply for work when I move. I have yet to find a place to live, because everything 
is for multiple people or pretty pricey. I am sure that something will come my way eventually. 

This past Sunday I went with my family over to Greenwood for the Dairy Days Parade. It was fun the best part of the parade, as always, were the Shriners. 
They are the most enjoyable to watch.

 I also saw one of my friends from Whitewater. He is the band director at Loyal and his band was marching in the parade. They were also enjoyable to watch. They have improved a lot over the years. The now play their parade music memorized and are almost all marching in tempo. They do fancy foot work and played some fun music that the audience enjoyed listening to. 

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