knitter/crocheter for hire!

I was randomly checking my facebook profile and found that I got my first paid commissioned job! My friend, the lovely Janalyn, asked me to knit her some handwarmers and a long scarf. With this project I get to have fun. I only have to make it Kelly Green and soft. She wants them to be trendy but timeless. For the scarf I am thinking about doing a lace of sorts, but with every pattern that I have done it hasn't turned out correctly. With the handwarmers I am thinking about changing a pattern that I found at Creativeyarn, but still using the moss stitch and changing the rest of it.

**Pictures will come once I get something actually finished.**

I have been commissioned to do different projects before, but this is the first for money. I have been asked to knit dishcloths, scarves, hats, glittnes, tubes/handle bar covers, and ties. I still have many different projects that I need to finish. I hope that I can get it
done fast enough so she can use her items still this year.

Now on a completely different note. I have a new old car. My Oldsmobile has bit the dust. There was some electrical issues
with it that my father didn't want to deal with. So, he purchased me a 2001 Pontiac Grand AM GT. It is definitely an upgrade from old lady car to hip young boy cruising car.