I got crab?

The other day I found a pattern for a crocheted crab. In the description of it it said something about how it could be used as a cat toy. So I grabbed some red yarn and set to it. It was very easy to do since you just crochet a circle, fold it in half, seam it up and add legs. I added to it a little cat bell that I had sitting around the house. I gave it to my cat Kara. I don't think that she really cares much about it. I don't really remember where I got the pattern from. It was a really cute idea and I wish that I had thought of it first.

I am still in the process of making my yellow shirt. I think that I am making it too wide, maybe it'll shrink when it gets washed? Not much has really changed in that front.

I'm still working mucho hours at Younkers and at Micon. Today I have the daytime off from work, but I'm closing tonight at the theatre. I can't wait till I can say that I work at just one job or have a vacation.

Speaking of vacation, I really want to go to Spring Green, WI. It is the home of Frank Lloyd
Wright, The House on the Rock, and many other beautiful scenes.
Pretty much I just want to go out and see things. I want to spend time with my boyfriend and not have to worry about what I have to do when I get back to work. From what it sounds like there is a ton of things to do in Spring Green. On my birthday weekend they are having a local artist festival, that sounds really neat. The city itself is "The Birthday Town".

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