Sad Kitty

Chocolate makes everything better. I was having a cruddy day due to family issues. After a good cry and getting out of the house for a little bit I needed a good amount of chocolate. I went on a mission to get what I needed. After a few dollars to the BP I left with two Milkyway bars. After eating one of them I am finally happy-ish. 
I am extremely lucky to have the friends that I have. They supply a shoulder to cry on and a car to get me to the BP. 

Lately Kara has been getting jealous of Noah, for all of the attention that he gets over her. We both find it funny that when he is around Kara glares at the two of us. She just recently started getting like this. It might be because Noah has been spending more time around here then usual.  This semester I need to spend more time with my kitty.

Eventually once the semester gets going I am going to use this blog to put some of primary document analysts. So this will become more academic then it has been. So, reader beware...


  1. It's good to meet you! Nice to know another Whitewater Lady. :)

    Merry Making!~*

  2. Chocolate is edible joy. I am glad to hear it perked you up.

    Kara looks a wee bit pissed in the post- and a tad wet. Give your kitty a little love for me!

    Merry Writtings