Dead Lady Yarn

I have just been given a box full of yarn from the 1970's. Much of it smells like it hasn't been touched since then. There is some pretty cool colors that came from this yarn, but nothing really to call home about. Noah and I found in the box one completed pair of mittens, one finished mitten, and one half finished mitten. The pervious owner died making mittens. I hope that when I die it is not making mittens, but something different like a sweater.

Right now I am in the process of knitting a large amount of dish cloths. I have two of them finished and one just about halfway done. The yarn that I use for my dish cloths is Sugar 'n Cream 100% cotton. The pattern that I use is that I knit from the corner adding a stitch with each row, creating a boarder around the center. This pattern I learned from my grandmother around 8 years ago, when I learned how to knit. 

I am also working on finishing a hat that I am making for Noah, for Christmas still. I wasn't able to afford a present for him, so I am using a very nice and pricy skein of yarn. I hope that it turns out and that he likes it. This hat is crocheted, so there won't be too much on this, hopefully.

This to start knitting.


  1. You should post pictures of your finished knitting magic. I'd be interested to see.

    Welcome to the blogging world!

    I'll link you on my page.

  2. Bridget, I am glad you are dreaming "big." I, too, hope that when you time comes, that you have knitted more than just mittens.

    Aunt Nancy