Lazy Days

Today isn't the typical day in my house. The cat is sitting by my head licking herself, my roommates are watching television and surfing the net, and I am sitting driving a cup of coffee. This sounds like any old day in the sleepy little town of Whitewater, but it isn't. Today is the first day that campus livers are able to move into the dorms. That means that Whitewater wakes up for the new year. 

For me this means very little except that I now need to worry about an increase in bad drivers, that think that they are good drivers. I also need to start worrying about pedestrians that think that they can walk out in front of drivers on state highways and not worry about getting hit. 

Today I am doing nothing, but working at Boston Store this late afternoon to help with inventory. I hate going into Janesville just to work slightly over two hours after driving 30 minutes. It just doesn't make since to me. But it is an easy task that I do not need to deal with costumers in anyway. I get to scan barcodes all day by myself. Its going to be great.

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