Nervous much?

The semester has just gotten underway and I already want it to be done with. I am tired of classes. I am tired of the drama. I am tired of being tired. I think I am just feeling overwhelmed and nervous about the semester. I can't mess up anymore. I need to graduate. my feeling like this could be that I missed most of my classes this past week and have no idea what to expect from my classes this semester. 

I have added orchestra to my class schedule for the semester. I am in it because I want to keep up playing. I will not let one person effect how I am going to feel in class. Bass players don't get much attention in orchestras anyways, from my experience that is. We are actually going to be playing some fun stuff too. 

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  1. Don't fret, dear! You've come this far and you're almost finished. I've heard through the grapevine about the unfortunate leadership of the orchestra--don't let a sour person get in the way of what you love. :)

    Wishing you some time for Relaxation!
    Merry Making~*