I finished it!

I finally finished my chevron baby blanket. I did not have my camera with me when I finished it. I am waiting on the pictures being sent to me. I believe it ended up being a little over a yard long  and maybe a foot and a half wide. I did a blue trim around it, since the blanket was for a little boy and there was a bit of pink in it. I wanted it to look more boyish, but at the same time gender neutral.

Now I am working on knitting some slipper socks for my sister and I. I almost have one foot completed. This picture is from last Sunday. Right now I am working on the cuff that is sewn on to the foot. The pattern for the slippers can be found here.  They are called Moon Socks. The foot knitted up pretty fast. The part that is taking the longest for me is the cuff. That part I feel should be the easiest to knit.  I am going to make a grey pair and a pink pair. I hope to have them done by the end of next month when I am on vacation and at my sisters apartment for her to pick what pair she wants.

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