blankets and future projects

I now have many pictures of the chevron blanket. I was happy that I finally finished crocheting it. I was very pleased with how it turned out. I am now thinking about crocheting an afghan for Noah and I in this pattern, only with thicker yarn and a larger hook.  Maybe it will be bed sized? That project will be way at the bottom of my project list. I think I want to make blankets for all of my family members first, and before that I am currently working on blankets for Noah's family. I already crocheted a red tone one for his mother and a purple and brown one for his sister and her husband. I am currently knitting a bunch of squares for a patchwork blanket of sorts. I knitted a blanket for Noah's nephew. I just need to think of one more for his other sister. Then I can start on my own family.

Here are some pictures of the chevron blanket in its completed state with me holding it up. There is a blue trim all around the blanket to give it more of a boyish look to it. My cousin announced what her and her husband were having after I had put a month of work into it and I refused to start over. This way if they have more kids the blanket can be used if they have a girl.

I am currently working on knitting some slipper socks for my sister and I. We are going to have matching slipper socks. I have decided that I need to have them done by the end of this next month. So far I have one slipper done and three more to go. I also want to make a third pair for my other sister. I just want her to pick the color of yarn for hers. The yarn that I am using is from Drops. And the pattern is from them as well, it is called Moon Socks. They are made in two pieces, one being the sock and the other being the cuff.

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