Week wrap up?

This week, it seems like a Saturday already, has been very long and tiring. Everyone in the house is sick to some extent. I just hope that I can get better and stay healthy for the rest of the winter. I have almost run out of kleenex, I'm on my survival stash.

Last night my boyfriend and I along with a little help cleaned the main floor of our house. Here are a few pictures of what it looks like.
This is the dinning area of the kitchen. It is usually covered with papers. But now is looks like "normal" people actually eat here.
This is more of our kitchen area. With very few dirty dishes and such.

If you saw what our front room looked like a year ago and then saw it now you wouldn't believe it was the same room. There is clean carpet on the floor and actual places for people to sit that aren't covered with papers, boxes and how knows what else.
We even cleaned the living room so that the floor is clean and there isn't any garbage laying around. I just wasn't able to get a nice picture of the room this morning.

This house is actually turning into someplace I want to be and have people over to see. Now if only we can maintain it and improve on it.

I was looking at one of the blogs that I follow and saw all the hats that she had made in a week or so and I fell in love with one the the patterns that she used. I really want to try making it. It looks like it would be something that is challenging enough for me to stay busy with but not too hard that I would give up on it.

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  1. I hope you feel better soon! We've been sick too. Oh, and those hats took me more than a week. It was more like a few weeks (3 or so) back and forth on the bus. I wish I was that fast! You can totally do that pattern! Can't wait to see it!